Dhakuakhana College

Previous Year Question Paper

Class Subject Title Year File
1st SemesterAnthropologyC-1 Biological Anthropology2022View File
1st SemesterAnthropologyC-2 Socio-cultural Anthropology2022View File
1st SemesterAnthropologyGE-1 Biological or Health Anthropology2022View File
1st SemesterAssameseC-1 Ahomiya Sahityar Buranji-12022View File
1st SemesterAssameseC-2 Ahomiya Sahityar Buranji-22022View File
1st SemesterBotanyC-1 Microbiology & Phycology2022View File
1st SemesterBotanyC-2 Biomolecules & Cell Biology2022View File
1st SemesterBotanyGE-1 Biodiversity2022View File
1st SemesterChemistryC-1 Inorganic Chemistry2022View File
1st SemesterChemistryC-2 Physical Chemistry2022View File
1st SemesterChemistryGE-1 DSC-1 Atomic Structure2022View File
1st SemesterEconomicsC-1 Introductory Microeconomics2022View File
1st SemesterEconomicsC-2 Mathematical methods-I2022View File
1st SemesterEconomicsGE-1 Introductory Microeconomics2022View File
1st SemesterEducationGE-1 Guidance & Value Education2022View File
1st SemesterElectronicsGE-1 Electronic circuits2022View File
1st SemesterEnglishAECC-1 English Communication2022View File
1st SemesterEnglishC-1 Indian Classical Literature2022View File
1st SemesterEnglishC2-European Classical Literature2022View File
1st SemesterHistoryC-1 History of India-I2022View File
1st SemesterHistoryC-2 Ancient world2022View File
1st SemesterMathematicsC-1 Calculus2022View File
1st SemesterMathematicsC-2 Algebra2022View File
1st SemesterMathematicsGE-1 Differential Calculus2022View File
1st SemesterPhysicsC-1 Mathematical Physics-I2022View File
1st SemesterPhysicsC-2 Mechanics2022View File
1st SemesterPhysicsGE-1 Mechanics2022View File
1st SemesterPolitical ScienceC-1 Political Theory2022View File
1st SemesterPolitical ScienceC-2 Constitutional Government2022View File
1st SemesterPolitical ScienceGE-1 Nationalism & Political Eco2022View File
1st SemesterSociologyC-2 Introduction to Sociology-I2022View File
1st SemesterSociologyC-2 Sociology of India2022View File
1st SemesterSociologyGE-1 Indian Society2022View File
1st SemesterZoologyC-1 Non-Chordates-I2022View File
1st SemesterZoologyC-2 Principle of Ecology2022View File
1st SemesterZoologyGE-1 Animal Diversity Aquatic Bio2022View File
3rd SemesterAnthropologyC-5 Tribes & Peasants in India2022View File
3rd SemesterAnthropologyC-6 Human Ecology2022View File
3rd SemesterAnthropologyC-7 Biological Diversity2022View File
3rd SemesterAnthropologyGE-3 Socio-Cultural Anthropology2022View File
3rd SemesterAssameseC-5 Sahitya Samalusona2022View File
3rd SemesterAssameseC-6 Assamiya Kabitar Saneki2022View File
3rd SemesterAssameseC-7 Assamar Sanskriti Adhayan2022View File
3rd SemesterBotanyC-5 Anatomy of Angiosperms2022View File
3rd SemesterBotanyC-6 Economic Botany2022View File
3rd SemesterBotanyC-7 Genetics2022View File
3rd SemesterBotanyGE-3 Plant Anatomy2022View File
3rd SemesterChemistryC-5 Inorganic Chemistry2022View File
3rd SemesterChemistryC-6 Organic Chemistry2022View File
3rd SemesterChemistryC-7 Physical Chemistry2022View File
3rd SemesterChemistryGE-3 DSC-3 Physical & Organic Chemistry2022View File
3rd SemesterEconomicsC-5 Essentials of Microeconomics2022View File
3rd SemesterEconomicsC-6 Essentials of Macroeconomics2022View File
3rd SemesterEconomicsC-7 Statistical Methods2022View File
3rd SemesterEconomicsGE-3 Indian Economy2022View File
3rd SemesterEducationGE-3 Inclusive Education2022View File
3rd SemesterElectronicsGE-3 Instrumentation2022View File
3rd SemesterEnglishC-5 American Literature2022View File
3rd SemesterEnglishC-6 Popular Literature2022View File
3rd SemesterEnglishC-7 British Poetry & Drama2022View File
3rd SemesterHistoryC-5 History of India (750-1206)2022View File
3rd SemesterHistoryC-6 Rise of Modern West-I2022View File
3rd SemesterHistoryC-7 History of India IV2022View File
3rd SemesterHistoryGE-3 History of India2022View File
3rd SemesterMathematicsC-5 Theory of Real Functions2022View File
3rd SemesterMathematicsC-6 Group Theory-I2022View File
3rd SemesterMathematicsC-7 PDE & Systems of ODE2022View File
3rd SemesterMathematicsGE-3 Real Analysis2022View File
3rd SemesterPhilosophyGE-3 Indian Philosophy2022View File
3rd SemesterPhysicsC-5 Mathematical Physics-II2022View File
3rd SemesterPhysicsC-6 Thermal Physics2022View File
3rd SemesterPhysicsC-7 Digital System & Application2022View File
3rd SemesterPhysicsGE-3 Thermal Physics2022View File
3rd SemesterPolitical ScienceC-5 Comparative Government2022View File
3rd SemesterPolitical ScienceC-6 Public Administration2022View File
3rd SemesterPolitical ScienceC-7 International Relations2022View File
3rd SemesterPolitical ScienceGE-3 Understanding Ambedkar2022View File
3rd SemesterSociologyC-5 Political Sociology2022View File
3rd SemesterSociologyC-6 Sociology of Religion2022View File
3rd SemesterSociologyC-7 Sociology of Gender2022View File
3rd SemesterSociologyGE-3 Rethinking Development2022View File
3rd SemesterZoologyC-5 Diversity of Chordata2022View File
3rd SemesterZoologyC-6 Animal Physiology2022View File
3rd SemesterSociologyC-7 Biochemistry2022View File
3rd SemesterZoologyGE-3 Food Nutrition & Health2022View File
5th SemesterAnthropologyC-11 Human Population Genetics2022View File
5th SemesterAnthropologyC-12 Anthropology in Practice2022View File
5th SemesterAnthropologyDSE -1 (A) Indian Archaeology2022View File
5th SemesterAnthropologyDSE-1(C) Tribal Culture in India2022View File
5th SemesterAssameseC-11 Assamese Drama2022View File
5th SemesterAssameseC-12 Assamese Linguistics2022View File
5th SemesterAssameseDSE-1A Asamiya Biyakaran2022View File
5th SemesterAssameseDSE1B Bharatiya Sahitya Parichay2022View File
5th SemesterBotanyC-11 Angiosperms Reproductive2022View File
5th SemesterBotanyC-12 Plant Physiology2022View File
5th SemesterBotanyDSE-1 Analytical Techniques2022View File
5th SemesterBotanyDSE-4 Industrial Microbiology2022View File
5th SemesterChemistryC-11 Organic Chemistry2022View File
5th SemesterChemistryC-12 Physical, Quantum Chemistry2022View File
5th SemesterChemistryDSE-1 Analytical Methods2022View File
5th SemesterChemistryDSE-2 Gree Chemistry2022View File
5th SemesterEconomicsC-11 Indian Economy-I2022View File
5th SemesterEconomicsC-12 Development Economics-12022View File
5th SemesterEconomicsDSE-5 Money & Financial Markets2022View File
5th SemesterEconomicsDSE-6 Public Economics2022View File
5th SemesterEnglishC-12 British Literature2022View File
5th SemesterEnglishDSE-2 Indian Diaspora Literature2022View File
5th SemesterEnglishDSE-3 Literary Criticism2022View File
5th SemesterHistoryC-11 History of Europe-I2022View File
5th SemesterHistoryC-12 History of India-VII2022View File
5th SemesterHistoryDSE-1 Early & Medieval Assam2022View File
5th SemesterHistoryDSE-2 History of Modern Assamese2022View File
5th SemesterMathematicsC-11 Multivariates Calculus2022View File
5th SemesterMathematicsC-12 Group Theory-II2022View File
5th SemesterMathematicsDSE-1.1 1.2 1.32022View File
5th SemesterMathematicsDSE-2.1-2.2-2.3-2.42022View File
5th SemesterPhysicsC-11 Quantum Mechanics2022View File
5th SemesterPhysicsC-12 Solid State Physics2022View File
5th SemesterPhysicsDSE-1 Classical Dhynamics2022View File
5th SemesterPhysicsDSE-2 Astrophysics & Earth Phys2022View File
5th SemesterPolitical ScienceC-11 Classical Political Philo2022View File
5th SemesterPolitical ScienceC-12 Indian Political Thought-I2022View File
5th SemesterPolitical ScienceDSE-1 Politics in Assam2022View File
5th SemesterPolitical ScienceDSE-2 Human Rights2022View File
5th SemesterSociologyC-11 Sociological Thinkers-I2022View File
5th SemesterSociologyC12 Sociological Research Method2022View File
5th SemesterSociologyDSE-3 Enivornmental Sociology2022View File
5th SemesterSociologyDSE-4 Sociology of Work2022View File
5th SemesterZoologyC-11 Molecular Biology2022View File
5th SemesterZoologyC-12 Principles of Genetics2022View File
5th SemesterZoologyDSE-1 Animal Behaviour2022View File
5th SemesterZoologyDSE-3 Endocrinology2022View File