Dhakuakhana College

Previous Year Question Paper

Class Subject Title Year File
6th SemesterAnthropologyC 13 Anthropology of India2023View File
6th SemesterAssameseC 13 Assamese Prose2023View File
6th SemesterBotanyC 13 Plant Metabolism2023View File
6th SemesterChemistryC 13 Inorganic Chemistry2023View File
6th SemesterEconomicsC 13 Indian Economy-II2023View File
6th SemesterEnglishC 13 Modern European Drama2023View File
6th SemesterHistoryC 13 History of India 1857-19502023View File
6th SemesterMathematicsC 13 Metric Spaces2023View File
6th SemesterPolitical ScienceC 13 Modern Political Philosophy2023View File
6th SemesterPhysicsC 13 Electromagnetic Theory2023View File
6th SemesterSociologyC 13- Sociological Thinkers-II2023View File
6th SemesterZoologyC 13- Development Biology2023View File
1st SemesterAnthropologyC-1 Biological Anthropology2022View File
1st SemesterAnthropologyC-2 Socio-cultural Anthropology2022View File
1st SemesterAnthropologyGE-1 Biological or Health Anthropology2022View File
1st SemesterAssameseC-1 Ahomiya Sahityar Buranji-12022View File
1st SemesterAssameseC-2 Ahomiya Sahityar Buranji-22022View File
1st SemesterBotanyC-1 Microbiology & Phycology2022View File
1st SemesterBotanyC-2 Biomolecules & Cell Biology2022View File
1st SemesterBotanyGE-1 Biodiversity2022View File
1st SemesterChemistryC-1 Inorganic Chemistry2022View File
1st SemesterChemistryC-2 Physical Chemistry2022View File
1st SemesterChemistryGE-1 DSC-1 Atomic Structure2022View File
1st SemesterEconomicsC-1 Introductory Microeconomics2022View File
1st SemesterEconomicsC-2 Mathematical methods-I2022View File
1st SemesterEconomicsGE-1 Introductory Microeconomics2022View File
1st SemesterEducationGE-1 Guidance & Value Education2022View File
1st SemesterElectronicsGE-1 Electronic circuits2022View File
1st SemesterEnglishAECC-1 English Communication2022View File
1st SemesterEnglishC-1 Indian Classical Literature2022View File
1st SemesterEnglishC2-European Classical Literature2022View File
1st SemesterHistoryC-1 History of India-I2022View File
1st SemesterHistoryC-2 Ancient world2022View File
1st SemesterMathematicsC-1 Calculus2022View File
1st SemesterMathematicsC-2 Algebra2022View File
1st SemesterMathematicsGE-1 Differential Calculus2022View File
1st SemesterPhysicsC-1 Mathematical Physics-I2022View File
1st SemesterPhysicsC-2 Mechanics2022View File
1st SemesterPhysicsGE-1 Mechanics2022View File
1st SemesterPolitical ScienceC-1 Political Theory2022View File
1st SemesterPolitical ScienceC-2 Constitutional Government2022View File
1st SemesterPolitical ScienceGE-1 Nationalism & Political Eco2022View File
1st SemesterSociologyC-2 Introduction to Sociology-I2022View File
1st SemesterSociologyC-2 Sociology of India2022View File
1st SemesterSociologyGE-1 Indian Society2022View File
1st SemesterZoologyC-1 Non-Chordates-I2022View File
1st SemesterZoologyC-2 Principle of Ecology2022View File
1st SemesterZoologyGE-1 Animal Diversity Aquatic Bio2022View File
3rd SemesterAnthropologyC-5 Tribes & Peasants in India2022View File
3rd SemesterAnthropologyC-6 Human Ecology2022View File
3rd SemesterAnthropologyC-7 Biological Diversity2022View File
3rd SemesterAnthropologyGE-3 Socio-Cultural Anthropology2022View File
3rd SemesterAssameseC-5 Sahitya Samalusona2022View File
3rd SemesterAssameseC-6 Assamiya Kabitar Saneki2022View File
3rd SemesterAssameseC-7 Assamar Sanskriti Adhayan2022View File
3rd SemesterBotanyC-5 Anatomy of Angiosperms2022View File
3rd SemesterBotanyC-6 Economic Botany2022View File
3rd SemesterBotanyC-7 Genetics2022View File
3rd SemesterBotanyGE-3 Plant Anatomy2022View File
3rd SemesterChemistryC-5 Inorganic Chemistry2022View File
3rd SemesterChemistryC-6 Organic Chemistry2022View File
3rd SemesterChemistryC-7 Physical Chemistry2022View File
3rd SemesterChemistryGE-3 DSC-3 Physical & Organic Chemistry2022View File
3rd SemesterEconomicsC-5 Essentials of Microeconomics2022View File
3rd SemesterEconomicsC-6 Essentials of Macroeconomics2022View File
3rd SemesterEconomicsC-7 Statistical Methods2022View File
3rd SemesterEconomicsGE-3 Indian Economy2022View File
3rd SemesterEducationGE-3 Inclusive Education2022View File
3rd SemesterElectronicsGE-3 Instrumentation2022View File
3rd SemesterEnglishC-5 American Literature2022View File
3rd SemesterEnglishC-6 Popular Literature2022View File
3rd SemesterEnglishC-7 British Poetry & Drama2022View File
3rd SemesterHistoryC-5 History of India (750-1206)2022View File
3rd SemesterHistoryC-6 Rise of Modern West-I2022View File
3rd SemesterHistoryC-7 History of India IV2022View File
3rd SemesterHistoryGE-3 History of India2022View File
3rd SemesterMathematicsC-5 Theory of Real Functions2022View File
3rd SemesterMathematicsC-6 Group Theory-I2022View File
3rd SemesterMathematicsC-7 PDE & Systems of ODE2022View File
3rd SemesterMathematicsGE-3 Real Analysis2022View File
3rd SemesterPhilosophyGE-3 Indian Philosophy2022View File
3rd SemesterPhysicsC-5 Mathematical Physics-II2022View File
3rd SemesterPhysicsC-6 Thermal Physics2022View File
3rd SemesterPhysicsC-7 Digital System & Application2022View File
3rd SemesterPhysicsGE-3 Thermal Physics2022View File
3rd SemesterPolitical ScienceC-5 Comparative Government2022View File
3rd SemesterPolitical ScienceC-6 Public Administration2022View File
3rd SemesterPolitical ScienceC-7 International Relations2022View File
3rd SemesterPolitical ScienceGE-3 Understanding Ambedkar2022View File
3rd SemesterSociologyC-5 Political Sociology2022View File
3rd SemesterSociologyC-6 Sociology of Religion2022View File
3rd SemesterSociologyC-7 Sociology of Gender2022View File
3rd SemesterSociologyGE-3 Rethinking Development2022View File
3rd SemesterZoologyC-5 Diversity of Chordata2022View File
3rd SemesterZoologyC-6 Animal Physiology2022View File
3rd SemesterSociologyC-7 Biochemistry2022View File
3rd SemesterZoologyGE-3 Food Nutrition & Health2022View File
5th SemesterAnthropologyC-11 Human Population Genetics2022View File
5th SemesterAnthropologyC-12 Anthropology in Practice2022View File
5th SemesterAnthropologyDSE -1 (A) Indian Archaeology2022View File
5th SemesterAnthropologyDSE-1(C) Tribal Culture in India2022View File
5th SemesterAssameseC-11 Assamese Drama2022View File
5th SemesterAssameseC-12 Assamese Linguistics2022View File
5th SemesterAssameseDSE-1A Asamiya Biyakaran2022View File
5th SemesterAssameseDSE1B Bharatiya Sahitya Parichay2022View File
5th SemesterBotanyC-11 Angiosperms Reproductive2022View File
5th SemesterBotanyC-12 Plant Physiology2022View File
5th SemesterBotanyDSE-1 Analytical Techniques2022View File
5th SemesterBotanyDSE-4 Industrial Microbiology2022View File
5th SemesterChemistryC-11 Organic Chemistry2022View File
5th SemesterChemistryC-12 Physical, Quantum Chemistry2022View File
5th SemesterChemistryDSE-1 Analytical Methods2022View File
5th SemesterChemistryDSE-2 Gree Chemistry2022View File
5th SemesterEconomicsC-11 Indian Economy-I2022View File
5th SemesterEconomicsC-12 Development Economics-12022View File
5th SemesterEconomicsDSE-5 Money & Financial Markets2022View File
5th SemesterEconomicsDSE-6 Public Economics2022View File
5th SemesterEnglishC-12 British Literature2022View File
5th SemesterEnglishDSE-2 Indian Diaspora Literature2022View File
5th SemesterEnglishDSE-3 Literary Criticism2022View File
5th SemesterHistoryC-11 History of Europe-I2022View File
5th SemesterHistoryC-12 History of India-VII2022View File
5th SemesterHistoryDSE-1 Early & Medieval Assam2022View File
5th SemesterHistoryDSE-2 History of Modern Assamese2022View File
5th SemesterMathematicsC-11 Multivariates Calculus2022View File
5th SemesterMathematicsC-12 Group Theory-II2022View File
5th SemesterMathematicsDSE-1.1 1.2 1.32022View File
5th SemesterMathematicsDSE-2.1-2.2-2.3-2.42022View File
5th SemesterPhysicsC-11 Quantum Mechanics2022View File
5th SemesterPhysicsC-12 Solid State Physics2022View File
5th SemesterPhysicsDSE-1 Classical Dhynamics2022View File
5th SemesterPhysicsDSE-2 Astrophysics & Earth Phys2022View File
5th SemesterPolitical ScienceC-11 Classical Political Philo2022View File
5th SemesterPolitical ScienceC-12 Indian Political Thought-I2022View File
5th SemesterPolitical ScienceDSE-1 Politics in Assam2022View File
5th SemesterPolitical ScienceDSE-2 Human Rights2022View File
5th SemesterSociologyC-11 Sociological Thinkers-I2022View File
5th SemesterSociologyC12 Sociological Research Method2022View File
5th SemesterSociologyDSE-3 Enivornmental Sociology2022View File
5th SemesterSociologyDSE-4 Sociology of Work2022View File
5th SemesterZoologyC-11 Molecular Biology2022View File
5th SemesterZoologyC-12 Principles of Genetics2022View File
5th SemesterZoologyDSE-1 Animal Behaviour2022View File
5th SemesterZoologyDSE-3 Endocrinology2022View File