Dhakuakhana College


Sl. No. Name Of The Faculty Title Of The Paper/Article/Book/Book Chapter Year Of Publication Name Of Journal/Books/proceedings ISSN/ISBN No. Is It UGC Carelisted? Link(If Any)
1Puspanjali DowariAnalysis on Gender Inequality as an Obstacle of Womens Empowerment in India2022Aruhu Kuruhu2347-5048https://ugccare.unipune.ac.in/Apps1/User/WebA/SearchList
2Karabi SaikiaDifficulties Faced by Mathematics Teacher in Implementing Online Classes in Rural Areas of Assam , I2022Aruhu Kuruhu2347-5048https://ugccare.unipune.ac.in/Apps1/User/WebA/SearchList
3Paharee KonwarThe Representation of Jean Baudrillards Idea of Hyperreality in Contemporary Media: Comperative Stud2020LangLit2349-5189yes
4Dr. Sonit Kumar BhuyanDevelopment of Women Entrepreneurship in lakhimpur District of Assam (India)2019International Journal of Research and analytical reviews (IJRAR)2349-5138
5Dr. Biva Rani DasSamaj-Bibyastha Narir bhumika2019Purbayon978-93-88593-22-9
6Dr.Partha Protim BorthakurAmartya Sens Idea of Justice:A Review2017Journal of Politics2277-5617
7Tabendra NathNumerical Solution of Unsteady Hydromagnetic Couette Flow in a Rotating System Bounded by Porous Pla2017International Journal of Computer Applications0975-8887
8Maya DeoriSentiment Analysis of Users’ Comments on Indian Hindi News Channels Using Mozdeh: An Evaluation Ba2021Journal of Creative Communication0973-2594yeshttps://doi.org/10.1177/09732586211049232
9Maya DeoriWhat news sparks interest on YouTube? A study of news content uploaded by India top five Hindi news 2022Online Information Review1468-4527yeshttps://doi.org/10.1108/OIR-01-2022-0007
10Maya DeoriAnalysis of YouTube video contents on Koha and DSpace, and sentiment analysis of viewers comments2021Library Hi-Tech0737-8831yes
11Dr Satya Ranjan NeogAgricultural Benefits of Postharvest Banana Plants2021Agricultural Benefits of Postharvest Banana Plants978-981-18-0161-7
12DHRUBA JYOTI GOGOIIndian Political Thought-I2021Indian Political Thought -I978-93-91060-01-5No
13DHRUBA JYOTI GOGOIClassical Political Philosophy2021Classical Political Philosophy978-93-91060-96-1No