Dhakuakhana College

From GB President Desk

Dhakuakhana College is one of the premier institutions in Assam in particular and NE India in general. I on behalf of the entire Governing Body of the College welcome all the aspirant students, guardians and all the stakeholders to this institution. As our education system has been changing to cope up with the changing demands of the society, repeated experiments are being made for its transformation, transmission and transaction. As a 21st Century Institution, Dhakuakhana College that came up as a pioneer in Higher Education and Academic Excellence in 1966, desires to set an approach to create fertile ground for effective synergies between research and teaching skills, nurturing and fostering critical thinking and problem solving among students that becomes a lifetime habit. The college endeavours to take the higher education of the rural indigenous people and others to the highest peak. Dhakuakhana College makes a determinate point of disseminating high morals and meaningful values for the holistic development of the students. The ambition of the college is to inspire the students to learn, lead and serve in the constantly changing world by imparting the best possible higher education to our budding citizens of tomorrow. Finally, I take this opportunity to thank all of you for becoming our partners in education, for joining our journey in inspiring lives and realizing dreams.

Khagen Sharma
Governing Body, Dhakuakhana College