Dhakuakhana College

Library Services

OPAC Facility

The OPAC facility is provided to the patrons of the Dhakuakhana College Central Library over LAN/Intranet. Through OPAC the users can know whether the resource they is issued or available in the library and also the definite location of a particular book or reference.

Internet Facility

Wi-Fi connection is provided for the users of the Central Library of Dhakuakhana College. This facility helps the students for group studies, assignments, projects and many more. Through internet facility, central library tries to fill up the gap of information which is unable to uphold in physical form.

Automated Circulation Service

The manual system of operation is replaced with a computer-based system in an automated circulation system. With this system, the library has a web-based catalogue that displays its collection, including its books, periodicals, and other items. DKCL uses SOUL 3.0 to provide automated circulation facility.

Computerized Gate Registry

The Central Library of Dhakuakhana College has upgraded from manual gate registry to computerized gate registry. The computerized gate registry uses the barcode scanner to login and logout of the library with their library card. The gate registry system is placed in the entrance of the library so that the users can easily scan the barcode and register themselves.

CCTV Facility

For security purpose, the Central Library of Dhakuakhana College has CCTV (Closed-circuit television) to keep a close monitor and surveillance around the library especially in the entrance, stack area and reading room. Introduction of CCTV assist in prevention of lost of library resources as well as it helps the users to be reassured about the safety and protection.

Digital Library

Digital libraries are websites dedicated to establishing and maintaining collections of electronic books and other types of content without requiring end users to pay for the items they wish to access and read. Dhakuakhana Central Library is in the initial stage of establishing a digital library with the open source software DSpace by Duraspace

QR Code Based Question Paper Service

The Central Library of Dhakuakhana College provides another optional service for the students to acquire the previous year question paper. This facility encourages the students to have a clear vision regarding the question pattern of the previous semesters.