Dhakuakhana College



The Department of Physics, Dhakuakhana College (1988-2023)

Dhakuakhana college, which is the result of a long struggle and lots of hope of the people of Dhakuakhana is destined to influence and change academic environment and socio-cultural horizon of the North Bank of the river Brahmaputra of Upper Assam. Dhakuakhana college with a single discipline of Arts Faculty was set up in 1966, by way of public donations, for the greater academic interest of the people of Dhakuakhana. In this era of information, Internet and Globalization,as it has become very difficult to cope, with the rapidly growing horizons of modern science it is needed to extend science education along with humanities at Dhakuakhana college.

For the interest of the extension of knowledge of basic sciences at Dhakuakhana the science faculty with Higher Secondary Courses was first successfully introduced at Dhakuakhana college in 1988. In fact it played a significant role in the socio-economic changes of the place.

Physics, which is one of the most important subject of basic sciences was introduced as a compulsory subject from the beginning. Since then it bears a significant role continuously for spreading the knowledge of science at Dhakuakhana College.

In the beginning, the practical classes were held temporarily in the quarter of the ex- Principal Late Soyed Dolilur Rohman, until the present Science building was completed. It is obvious that, a local businessman of Dhakuakhana, Sri Rajen Saikia,also donated a pakage of monitary aid for the foundation of Physics Laboratory. But, in due course, during 9th plan period, University Grant Commission sponsored a financial grant for construction of Science Laboratory, due to which the Physics Laboratory building was constructed. The existing building of the Department of Physics was inaugurated on 25th August 2000, by Sri Mohesh Doley, then the Chief Executive of Mising Autonomous.

The year 1998 was a landmark year in our history of Science as the Govt. of Assam declared deficit Grant in Aid to Dhakuakhana college Science faculty on the 25th March 1998’ and hence the Science faculty was put under Grant in Aid system of the Govt. of Assam.

Three year Degree science course at Dhakuakhana college was started in the year 1991 and the Major course in Physics was introduced with effect from the Academic year 2000 – 2001. The last batch of Major Course was completed in the year 2021. The department has now introduced CBCS course in all the semesters of B.Sc since 2019.

List of full-time teachers-
1. Shri. Dilip Kr. Hatibaruah (1990-2021)
2. Shri. Prasanta Kr. Gogoi (1993-till date)
3. Shri. Sewak Ch. Chutia (1995-till date)
4. Dr. Jugananda Sut (1998-now Principal of the College)
5. Shri. Zokapsang Lungtau (2020-till date)
6. Shri. Angshuman T. Borgogoi (2022-till date)

List of Laboratory Bearers-
1. Shri. Jugananda Chamuah
2. Shri. Champak Gogoi

Laboratory Equipment

1. Measuring Cylinder
2. Borosil Glass Beaker
3. Resistance Box
4. Searle's Young Modulus Apparatus
5. Travelling Microscope
6. Vernier Caliper
7. Screw Gauge
8. Spherometer
9. Glass Prism
10. Convex Lens
11. Bar Magnet
12. Magnetic Needle
13. Meter Bridge
14. Potentiometer
15. Resistance Box
16. Rheostat
17. Basic Logic Gates using NAND Gates
18. Bridge for Half ADDER using NAND Gates
19. Bridge for Studying Logic Gates using Discrete Components (DTL and TTL)
20. Bridge for Energy Band-Gap Study of a Junction Diode or LED
21. Polarimeter
22. Spectrometer
23. Sodium Lamp Setup
24. Diffraction Grating
25. Newton's Ring Setup
26. Clement and Desormes Apparatus
27. Maxwell Needle
28. Beam Bending Apparatus
29. Apparatus for Melde's Experiment
30. Apparatus for Determination of Cauchy's Constant
31. Planck's Constant Determination Apparatus
32. CRO
33. Bar Pendulum
34. Kater's Pendulum
35. Modulus of Rigidity Apparatus
36. Multimeter
37. Optical Bench
38. Stopwatch
39. Voltmeter
40. Ammeter
41. Galvanometer
42. Bread Board
43. Basic ICs
44. LEDs
45. Half Wave and Full Wave Rectifier Apparatus
46. Full Wave Bridge Rectifier Apparatus
47. Weighing Scale
48. Weights
49. Anderson Bridge Apparatus
50. Stefan's Constant Determination Apparatus
51. Norton's Theorem Apparatus
52. Thevenin's Theorem Apparatus
53. LCR Bridge Apparatus
54. Callendar and Barnes Apparatus
55. Searle's Thermal Conductivity Apparatus
56. Laurent's Half Shade Polarimeter
57. Leclanche Cell
58. Melde's Apparatus
59. Malus's Law Verification Apparatus
60. Hall Effect Coefficient Determination Apparatus
61. Susceptibility of Paramagnetic Solution Determination Apparatus
62. Helium Neon Laser
63. Function Generator