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The College was established on 25th July, 1966, and the Department English also came into force on the same date and offered English as a compulsory subject in 1 Year P.U. (Pre-University) and Three Year Degree Courses. The One Year P.U. Course was replaced by a Two Year P.D. (Pre-Degree) course designed by Dibrugarh University after 1972 and the three year term for Degree level was reduced to two years continued till 1987.

After the introduction of the two year Higher Secondary Certificate course in place of the former P.D. course in 1987, the department has provided compulsory courses for the same. The department has been providing English as an Honours/Major subject for the Three Year Degree Course, designed by Dibrugarh University from 1992 onwards till the introduction of the Semester system in 2012. The Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) was introduced by Dibrugarh University in 2019 for Undergraduate students and the department has been providing English as an Honours subject for the interested students.

Apart from the Honours course, the department has been providing the Core courses for:
a) Communicative English/ AECC-I for UG courses (Semester-I)
b) Alternative English (AECC-II) for UG courses (Semester-I)
c) General English for HS students
d) Alternative English for HS Students

The Department of English, Dhakuakhna College aims to
a) To acquaint students with contemporary trends in English Literature and Language
b) To create holistic, analytical and critical perspective
c) To facilitate students’ active and positive participation and contribution to the society
d) To give particular attention to groom the critical faculty of the students by organizing student seminars and presentations in regular intervals and by organizing talks by eminent scholars in literary field.

To facilitate and provide the students with adequate number of text books, learning materials (both online and offline), the department has a storage of books and e-books that are lent to the students for use. The Digital Archive was made open for the use of the students during the time of Covid-19 pandemic to bridge gap resulted by face-to-face teaching by providing better accessibility of teaching learning materials. (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JXfy1XcONhxjof0t4SDvsBILIdfyFYm?usp=share_link)