Dhakuakhana College


As per the revised guideline of NAAC, the IQAC of Dhakuakhana College is reconstituted w.e.f. 17/11/2021.

1. Dr. Jugananda Sut, Principal Chairman
2. Mr. Chitra Kumar Konch Vice Principal Member from Management
3. Dr. Satya Ranjan Neog Faculty Member Member
4. Dr. Anjan Borgohain Faculty Member Assistant Coordinator
5. Dr. Sonit kr Bhuyan Faculty Member Coordinator
6. Sri Niranjan Das Faculty Member Member
7. Mrs. Puspanjali Dowari Faculty Member Member
8. Mrs. Karabi Saikia Faculty Member Member
9.Dr. Kanchan Gogoi Faculty Member Joint Coordinator
10. Dr. Pankaj Bora Faculty Member Assistant Coordinator
11. Mr. Rinku Hazarika Faculty Member Assistant Coordinator
12. Dr. Partha Protim Borthakur Faculty Member Member
13. Mr. Purnananda Gogoi Local Society Member
14. Mr. Debajit Boruah Industrialist Member
15. Mr. Dipankar Dutta Alumni Member
16. Mr. Nara Kanta Gogoi H/A,Administration Member from Administration
17. General Secretary GS, Students’ Union Member from Students